WOCU Currency with Unite Global

WOCU Limited announces it is in advanced discussions with Unite Global AS for the issuance of WOCU currency. Electronic WOCU currency is planned to be issued from Unite’s recently announced centralised platform for global real-time payments and settlement Unite Global to launch real-time correspondent hub .

The need for a relatively stable, safe, easily transacted and financially compliant “World Currency” is a pressing but unmet global need. Cryptocurrencies, even those flirting with the banks and alternative payment systems, can never adequately handle the required high volumes necessary – and are plagued by volatility and trust issues.

WOCU currency offers several advantages over the Dollar or any cryptocurrency; it is apolitical, of reduced volatility and will be backed by a 100% fractional reserve. Through the Unite hub and into the global banking system WOCU will be transacted securely, cheaply and instantly – reducing volatility risk and without third party transaction authorisation involvement.

WOCU currency is different: It will be readily available, transferable and convertible from Unite and in the mainstream banking system, offering a new and better way of doing international business. The WOCU aims to free the World from its over-reliance on the US Dollar as the default cross border currency.